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Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Wedding Cake

Jessica had been to several wedding fayre's and had an idea of what she wanted for the cake design. A family friend (Jill Smith) made the cake and was also able to get the special stand that Jessica wanted, so that the top tier was suspended above the lower one.

All of the tiny flowers and leaves were hand made by Jill and are all edible. The same applies to the lettering, cut-outs and the tiny butterflies. The only thing non-edible is the ribbon and beads (I think). In honour of all of her hard work, there was a special pin-board up, showing the making of the cake in many stages; the mixture in the tin, the petals and leaves drying etc.

The cake had a special table of it's own, near the head table, which gave everyone a chance to see it clearly, without being in the way. It was the perfect setting. Too often, due to lack of space, the cake is tucked away in a corner - this one was as prominent as the master of ceremonies!

I think it was very difficult for them to cut into, as they must have felt sad destroying such a beautiful creation. However, I'm very glad that they did, because it tasted wonderful.

Jill - thank you so very much for all of your hard work. x

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