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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Sad Day

Yesterday, we went to the funeral of an ex-pat. I had only met the lady on a few occasions, but her husband went to night classes with me, so I knew him quite well. His wife had had cancer in England many years ago, but had recovered, but, sadly, it returned again in recent years.

She died on Saturday night, in her sleep. In Spain, funerals are usually held very quickly, so they expected to bury her on Monday. The family were able to delay things until Tuesday, to enable her children in the UK to come out too.

The funeral service was held in a beautiful new building, all white marble and glass, in nearby Ontinyent. Here, one of the ex-pats is actually a serving vicar, and so the service was held not only in English, but also by a friend to all of us. How wonderful and extra special. So often, the vicar has never even met the deceased, but here, the service was very personal.

Sadly, after the service, close family then had to travel to Valencia for the cremation. There are only 2 crematoriums with an hour of here. (Valencia and Denia) Thankfully, everything there was very well organised, and they were able to return by 7pm, in time for everyone to celebrate her life. God bless Mavis, rest in peace.

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