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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Well Dressing

In June, Kingstone (near Uttoxeter) held their village fete.

Similar to most fetes, there were the usual selection of stalls (cake, bottle, etc) which were in the village hall. Kingstone has the advantage of a lovely field in the centre of the village, and this year, the weather was very kind. Lots of events took place outside, including a dog show (waggiest tail, most like owner etc).

A little earlier in the morning, we went to an outdoor church service. This was really nice as it was actually to celebrate the village well dressing. The decorated plaque was originally made by my dad, and filled in by ladies in the village. The picture is made of totally natural materials, such as flower petals, egg shells, sheep wool, bark, etc.

At the church service, was also a young couple having their ban's read. I thought this was lovely for them, to come to an outdoor service. Even the cars that drove past us were happy to see a bunch of people singing in the middle of the street!

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