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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Axe Murderer

Ed has taken out a further 3 small trees from the front garden. After this, there is another small clump and then, I think, we are done.

He pushed them over very easily with the digger, and then dug out the tree roots, so that there is no trace of where they've been. This is to help with reversing the trailer, so he couldn't make mushrooms out of the tree stumps this time.

Having sharpened his axe (enough to shave with) he then proceeded to limb the trunk, removing all of the branches, ready to turn the trunk into logs. He waas very pleased with his progress, until the moment when he sliced the axe straight through his shoe and into his foot.

He gritted his teeth, and made his way to the patio, calling me on the way. Unfortunately, I didn't hear him at all. He struggled to the patio, and carefully removed his shoe. There was a perfectly clean cut through it, along with an equally clean cut through his sock. There was also a huge puddle of blood in his shoe.

I felt quite sick, when he told me that he had (possibly) cut his toe off. Carefully removing his sock, we discovered that the cut was on the upper part of his foot, missing the sides by very little, but was possibly right through to the bone.

Thankfully, Ed heals very quickly, and after changing the dressings several times, he now has a simple gash in his foot, rather than needing a visit to the local clinic for stitches.

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