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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Technology Conspiracy

What a week for IT!

First of all, I couldn't log on to the server at work - problem at their end. Then, my laptop thought it had a virus. I checked everything, but I think Ed had accidentally landed on one of those nasty 'you have a virus, click here to get rid of it' type of links. I didn't click (of course) but it certainly threw something out. I did a full check, and everything was OK, until the next morning, when it wouldn't start up!

A process of trial and error, and everything is working again. (I think I know just enought to keep me out of trouble.) I really must back-up my data!

The third thing was on Thursday, when all of the power went off, only in the study! No lights or power, but everything fine in the rest of the house. Mains fuses fine. On Friday, in the daylight, we discovered that the fuse inside the socket had blown. As the socket is also the light switch, we lost everything in that ring.

Off to the ironmongers for fuse wire. Hmmm. He didn't understand. Ed found a fuse, and showed him what he wanted. A-ha... he troted off and grabbed a length of random cable, and cut off a 10cm long piece. Pulling it apart, he showed Ed the bits of wire inside, and said to use one of those!

And what ampage is that meant to be? Oh well, Spanish electrics eh? Thankfully, I do have a surge protector on. Also, we discovered that the source of the overloading was the oil filled heater, so that has now been banished to the spare bedroom, where it can do no further damage.

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