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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Going For Gold

This year, I have gone for the simple gold look on the Christmas tree. I think Ed thought I wasn't going to put one up, I had left it so late. Still, it was up before the 4th Sunday of Advent, so that was ok!

My thrill this year, is that Ed has made me a special metal frame that fits the curved mantlepiece. It has little feet on it, so I can decorate it in any way I like. I did plan to cover it with (fake) pine branches, but I left it rather late.

I have used the candles that are normally on the tree, and decorated them with tinsel, and hung a stocking on each end. The effect is very simple, but very traditional.

Ed is now planning to make me a wrought iron Christmas tree to go with it, but I guess that is a project to finish for next year, since I haven't even designed it yet!

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