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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Xativa Belen

The Bethlehem (Belen) nativity scene is on display in Xativa again at the moment.

Unfortunately, we picked a lunchtime, on the last day of school, to go and visit it. As we entered, there were lots of young children walking around, enthralled. A few minutes later, a group of 12 year-olds walk in, somewhat less enthralled. As I stand back, to allow them to pass, a group of teenagers enter. Evidently, the school outing was a requirement, not a choice! It was quite funny really, watching them go around as quickly as they possibly could, calling to their friends and not looking at anything at all.

The setting was the same as previous years, but before, I hadn't noticed the upside-down statue of king Filipe V near the entrance. This king ordered the burning of Xativa, and subsequently, his portrait hangs upside-down in the museum, as a mark of disrespect.

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