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Tuesday, 22 February 2011


For a bit of outside entertainment, I have logged onto the Geocaching website.

This is a modern verson of hide-and-seek. People hide a cache somewhere in the countryside or in a town, and leave the latitude and longitude as well as a clue or two, and others go and find the treasure.

The treasure can be anything from a film cannister with a record log of finders, to a biscuit tin full of goodies. The idea is, if you find a big cache, then you remove one item and replace it with something of the same value.

You enter your name on the log, then go back on-line, and record your find (and perhaps post a picture).

Our first find was in Xativa (the caches are worldwide) with the help of some friends, so that we got the idea. This particular cache was a big tupperware container, full of bits and bobs (fridge magnet, mini bottle of whisky...).

This seems like a good reason to get out in this blowy but sunny weather, so we'll let you know when we find the next one!

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