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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Keep Left

We now have a roundabout in the garden!

Ed has finally laid out the front drive. Now that the trees have been taken out, and the roots dug up where appropriate, he has been able to even off the drive and give it a fixed edge.

The biggest tree has remained, for use as a roundabout, but there is plenty of space for the truck and trailer to go around, without having to juggle about to get back into position. Previously, Ed often had terrible trouble with the trailer (if it was loaded) as the truck would skid on the uneven ground.

We are now waiting for the special surface stone to finish the job, but we have no idea when it will arrive, as a friend will bring it, when he is not officially working! In real terms, it means that we have to wait for bad weather, so he will be laid off for a few days, and will do our delivery then - although, to be honest, if it is very wet, we won't want it either! In the meanime, it looks nice and tidy, both front and back.

Smile for the camera... "no"

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