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Saturday, 26 February 2011

New Drive-through

On Friday morning, Ed went to the suppliers and asked for a delivery of stone for the drive. We had been hoping to get it through a neighbour, but he could only deliver it when he wasn't working for his normal employers, so we might have had to wait for a very long time.

Can you deliver it today? No. Can you deliver it on Saturday? No, on Monday. Not before then? No, Monday. Ok, see you on Monday. So, off we went, out for the day. At about 4:30pm, we got a phone call, there is a lorry outside your house, trying to deliver some stone! As it happened, we had just got back to the car, and were planning on returning. We went straight to the suppliers and he laughed, and apologised. We quickly scurried back home, and shorly after, 30 tons of stone were delivered.

Ed asked me to drive the digger, while he raked the stone. What a laugh. Thank goodness he has the patience of a saint with me! I managed to get a bucketful, but putting it where he wanted was nearly impossible. I had to think before I moved each leaver. Was it the left of right one I needed? Did it have to go backwards or forwards, or was it left or right? Somehow I managed, and between us we got a lot done before it got too late, stopping at about 9pm. Several times, he said, 'that's it, drop half here and half of it there', but I didn't, only because I couldn't remember how to make the bucket go in or out! Bless him. I saw him smile quietly a few times, but I guess it's the same when I'm showing him how to use the laptop.

This morning, he finished levelling off, and then this afternoon, we hosed (dampened) the stone and whackered it flat. (It is a special mix, not just stone.) I had a go with the whacker too, but spent most of the time laughing, as it dragged me across the garden. I have no idea how Ed steered it with just one hand.

We now have a huge drive, with a tidy area in front of the garage, and even turning points, in case the 'tree' roundabout is too complicated.

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