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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Pub Quiz

I love pub quizes. I may not be the brightest spark, but I have a good general knowledge, and I love the banter, both within and between teams. Sadly, there are no pub quizes here, but on landing at EMA last week, Jessica announced that I would be attending their local pub quiz that night. Yippee.

That evening found me sat at a long table, surrounded by 20-somethings all ready for the quiz. There were 6 in our team, the next oldest being 26 - about half my age! One chap was on his own, but other teams varied at around 4-5 people.

First, we had a picture round. I recognised Micky Mouse, and Museli, as well as a Mustang, but after that I was lost! Next, a pop round. I've heard of Justin Bieber, but if I fell over him, I wouldn't have known who he was, so I wasn't much good there either. However, I did know a few answers, (who was the Man Who Fell To Earth, with Lulu?)so not totally useless. Next, a round about the Wild West. Thank You Eddie. Ed loves westerns, and watches them most weeks, so, somehow, I knew most of these answers (although not all of them)!

A few more rounds, and the quizmaster said we would have a break. Havoc. Everyone started complaining that other teams would cheat, using their mobile phones (internet) to find the answers. The poor girl did her best to pacify everyone, but it got very unfriendly. The man on his own complained loudest, with us not very far behind... "look, he's using his phone..." About 10 minutes later, we completed the final round, (Which policeman did Jack Turner play in 400 episodes?) and it was time to correct the sheets.

We swapped with other teams, and all marked each others. The usual groans and moans when the answers came out... "I told you..." or "Oh, I knew that". Laughter everywhere. The girl went around afterwards, asking who had scored what. We had 32 out of 50. Not very good, but evidently not the worst. Jessica asked a friend how he/they had done. Well, he replied, we got 6 in the first round, which was 1/2 of our total. Oh dear.

Then, the girl announced that we were the winners! What? The nearest to us was 26, so we won by a lot. (And after all that complaining about the other teams too.) We won a free meal for 2, which was a great treat. The others allowed Jess and I to go, being the honorary visitor (and the one who knew the Wild West answers). Thanks all. Great fun. I'll go again next time I'm over.

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