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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Aires de Menorca

On Saturday evening, we went to see a Gran Espectaculo Ecuestre.

This was a horse show in Xativa bullring, with the display being carried out by 'Menorquina' thoroughbred horses. There were 16 of them in the display at various stages, along with 8 riders and 4 grooms.

The horses were beautifully trained, dancing to music, walking with cross steps, diaganolly, backwards etc, as well as standing on their hind legs.

The music was excellent, and the compare spoke very clearly, so that I could actually understand most of it this time.

There was even a section where the horses came out in the dark, dressed up in lights. This was very clever, as, with the horses being black, it was impossible to see anything except the outline of them as they performed.

I'm not a horsey person, but the show was so well put together, and lasted about 2 hours in total, that I would certainly recommend it to anyone.

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