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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Spring Clean

Ed has been working very hard in the garden, spring cleaning!

We have cleared the front flower bed of anything English (there were 4 tulips in there as well as a few narcissi) and have left everything spanish. The bay tree is fine, as well as the small palm, which Ed managed to split into two. There are also several different succulents. We have filled it with gravel, and now just need to clad it (new cladding is currently in a big pile, around the back of the house).

Ed has also raked up all of the pine needles and fir-cones from the front garden. A massive task, which, thankfully, only needs to be done every couple of years.

We did plant 15 red geraniums around the tree in the centre of the drive, but, unfortunately, Max loves the smell of the compost and has managed to uproot them several times already. Hopefully he will get bored with them soon and they will actually manage to grow and flower again.

Monday will be burning day. As well as the pile of garden rubbish, there is now a truck full of pine needles to burn. These can only be done bit-by-bit, as they are terribly flamable. The last thing we need, is to start a forest fire of our own.

It turns out, that of the three fires last weekend, one of them was a farm fire which got out of hand - the other two were started deliberately.

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