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Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Return of Hissing Sid

Late one evening, I could hear both dogs barking in the back garden. They seemed to be very static (ie, not racing around the garden), so I assumed that they were right at the bottom of the garden, perhaps barking at Ursula's animals.

After a little while, Ed called me. Grabbing the camera, I went out, and there were both dogs, in the middle of the garden, barking at something on the floor. It could only be a snake - anything else would have run off.

Sure enough, it was another adult ladder snake. Ed got a metal rod, and carefully persuaded it to go into next door's garden, as they would not be back until the weekend, by which time it would have moved on again. However, the snake had different ideas, and it took a long time to get it to go. Once it got to the wall, it kept trying to come back into our garden, instead of into the next one.

After all this time only seeing them at a distance, I can't believe that we have had 2 inside a month. I'm still not brave enough to touch them though... maybe next time?

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