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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Cake Mistake

With all the hype about these new silicon baking tins, I thought it was about time I got some. In Marks & Spencer, a loaf tin was £7, so Mum and I bought two from the Pound shop. (Guess how much they were - £1!)

Back in Spain, I noticed that there were a couple of bananas in the fruit bowl, a little past their best - time to make a banana cake. I quickly made one, then poured the mixture into the loaf tin. Disaster! The tin was so flexible, the sides simply bulged out with the weight of the mix.

Oh well. I baked the cake, which came out perfectly cooked, but a very strange shape! Instead of a long loaf shape, it was almost round, but with corners on it! However, the cake came out of the mould perfectly, so I was actually impressed. Short learning curve - from now on, when I make a cake mixure, I will have to distribute the same amount between 2 cake tins, so that they look like they are meant to.

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