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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Geocaching with the Douglas's

We were introduced to geocaching by Mark and Tracey and quite often go together.

Recently, we went to two sites quite close together, in the next valley. We packed a small picnic and followed the TomTom. Thankfully, I had read the instructions and looked at a map, and realised that we could actually park very near to the first site, next to a waterfall.

It was a beautiful spot. Steps down to the bottom, and a beautiful pool for swimming in (once the water has warmed up). There were already some people there, so we had to hang around for a while, before we could start searching properly. Then, we realised that the cache was not at the pool itself (too busy) but nearby. Off we went exploring and then found the 35mm cannister, hidden in a wall. As we left the site, there were more people arriving. Obviously a well known spot for the locals!

A short walk from there, and we entered into another beautiful valley. It was almost from 'The Land That Time Forgot'. There was a small river running along one edge, and a flat pasture, surrounded by rocky crags. Really lovely. We then followed a footpath down towards the river, past a derelict mill, and then on to the location where we found the cache.

How clever this game is, to take us to such wonderful spots that we would have never found ourselves.

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