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Sunday, 31 July 2011


As we left the safari park, I realised that we were well on the way to Guadalest, so, taking the scenic route, off we went.

However, what I didn't take into account, was that it was a lot later than I realised!

We got there just in time to take in the sights, before the sun set! We had a lovely stroll around the castellated village, but we were too late to go to the very top. Entry to the top is via the museum... you take a route around the museum, which then leads out to the top of the rock. It's very nice, but even if you rush, it's not a 2 minute tour! This meant that Shay and Rose missed some good photo opportunities, but then, I'm sure they didn't mind. Instead, we had a lovely ice cream, and strolled around the gift shops. We didn't bother with the 'Salt and Pepper Pot Museum' either, and the Motocycle Museum was closed too! I did apologise, but, as Shamus said, it's impossible to do everything in one day, and the safari park was great, without anything else on top.

Poor Paddy and Max were in the dark and starving by the time we got back. As usual, they sulked, but soon came around, when they got their treats!

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