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Sunday, 31 July 2011

".. pair of Roller Skates"

I managed to blag a cheap flight to the UK in the beginning of July, which was a great opportunity to see everyone. Although initially booked for a school reunion, it was very timely, as my dad had been very ill just beforehand, and was now recovering at home.

Sadly, Tim was busy working and then away for the weekend so I only saw him for a few hours. Jess, although working most of the days, had Wednesday off, so she decided to take me shopping, and roller skating!

What a laugh. It was a long time since I'd been on a pair of roller skates... probably 35 years! (Although when the children were in their teens, I do remember going around an artificial ice skating rink in Birmingham as part of their Christmas Fayre.)

As a very early birthday present, I bought Jess a new pair of skates, which meant that I was able to wear hers. Oh joy! For starters, I had to re-lace them, goodness knows how she had ever managed to keep then on her feet before. With great trepidation, I launched onto the floor. A bit wobbly and scared, but I did manage to keep upright.

The place was just outside Derby town centre, and was held in what appeared to be an old warehouse. Upstairs was the skating venue, and downstairs was a pool room. Excellent. Dad's could go and play pool, while their children were upstairs! Actually, it was quite good. There was a bar and a disco, and everyone was enjoying themselves. Some people were really good, and others were just wobbling around.

There were even a few games organised; a tentative game of Dodgeball, and a game of Tag. The dodgeball was a soft football, thrown at the participants (if it hit you, you were out) and the tag, consisted of trying to get from one end to the other - if you were tagged, you became a 'taggee' until there was only 1 person left. Needless to say, we sat on the side and watched, not being up to speed (literally) yet.

It was a fun night out, for very little money. (And after 3 weeks, my blood blister has finally gone!) Yes Jess, I WILL go again if it fits in.

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