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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Long Time Friendships

After several false starts, some friends of Ed's were finaly able to make it, and stay with us for a while.

They actually travelled via France, Andorra and Barcelona, before staying with us for a few days, then goin gon to Oriheula to visit someone else. Then, they were going to Germany to watch the F1! Quite a trip.

On this basis, it was hard to decide what to do with them! In the end, we had a day at Xativa, and a day at the Safari park (again). That was plenty, for such a short trip.

As we strolled around Xativa, it was market day, which was nice. We were able to meander nicely, and even went inside the church. I had never been in before, and had no idea that it was also considred to be something of a museum. It was perfectly fine to walk around and look at things. As were ran out ouf time, and were asked to leave, the curator asked if we had been upstairs. Sadly not. Apparently, it is possible to walk all around, including right up into the bell tower. I will have to go again, prefereably not 1/2 hour before it is due to close!

We went for a coffee in the Avenue, and watched the world go by. In this case, it consisted of watching a traffic warden towing away illegally parked cars. Very funny. Just as the crane parked in front of it one, ready to tow it away, someone ran out of a nearby building, and jumped in, driving off and parking elsewhere. The warden then went on to the next car, where the same happened again. Eventualy, he managed to pick up one car, to the (presumably) horror of the unsuspecting owner. I managed to add to the entertainment, by spilling my entire drink down my new white top! Thankfully, I had ordered 'horxata' a milk drink, and not orange or coffee. A visit to the toilets, where I rinsed my top under the tap, and then blow dried it with the hand drier, and all was well again!

We then went up to the castle, but didn't walk around as it was too hot. We simply admired the view and had another drink at the castle cafe. We did consider a trip up with the tourist train, but I don't think it is value for money, so we drove up instead. This was fun, as they have changed the road layout in the old town, so we went a bit wrong, but that just added to the day's entertainment.

On the Sunday night, we went to our local for a meal. He does a wonderful Sunday menu for just €6, which includes a selection of 3 starters (yes, you get all 3, not just 1 of the 3), then a main meal, and a sweet. Drinks are not included on this menu, but who's complaining at that price? On this particular day, he had fresh sardines, and Rose said that they were the best she's ever tasted.

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