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Sunday, 31 July 2011

"It's Raining Again"

After a wet spring in Spain, it was naturally time for a wet summer in the UK. Boy, it hammered down. We even got bits of hail! It was just like being at home!

I actually had to go out in it this time though (normally, if it's raining in Spain, I just stay in - the big advantage of working from home). On the Tuesday, Jess and I popped over to Stafford. Obviously, we had the roof down. Sadly, as we approached Stafford, it looked rather grey and rain seemed imminent. The traffic kept moving, so we were a bit concerned when the drops started to fall. I'm sure everyone was laughing at us, as we approached a roundabout with the roof down, and rain falling, but thankfully, it was the entrance to estate we wanted, so Jess was able to drive very slowly and put the roof back up, just as it really started to come down. (The car has to have the handbrake on to put the roof up or down, so she was a bit naughty, and put it on 1 notch as she crawled along.)

On the Wednesday, I had to go to the bank, and she literally stopped outside it, and I ran inside. I got wet within just a few feet. The problem was, I then had to run to the carpark and find her. I did have a brolly, but boy, it was tipping it down!

Yes - I know it rains everywhere, but I now have the luxury of (usually) being able to avoid it!

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