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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Xativa Fallas 2012

This year, we didn't get to see the fallas until the night of the burning.

We arrived after the children's fallas had been lit, which gave us a nice window of opportunity to stroll around, without too many people in the way. There is a bit of a lull between the children's fallas going off and the bigger ones being lit, from 11pm.

The standard of these things is stunning.

We looked at the main fallas and took time to have a drink on the main avenue. It is quite odd, sitting in such a lovely place, having fireworks going off every few minutes. Most of these, of course, are simply bangers, rather than the pretty English type. In Spain, it is the noise that is more important! As you stroll around, tiny babies simply sleep through the constant explosions, as they are wheeled around in their pushchairs.

I was highly amused by the Ali Baba and the 40 thieves falla. I'm not sure who the face on the snail was depicting, but the 40 thieves around him were easy enough to work out... the tax man, the politicians, the insurance men, etc. Very clever. This one was actually the winner, so it was the last one to be burned.

We happened to bump into some friends as we watched the Botticelli Venus falla go up in flames. They had some american friends with them, which we found rather amusing. Health and safety? What's that about? You know we are going to set fire to these, so it's up to you to make sure you are out of harm's way.

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