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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Close Escape

I picked Ed up from the airport today, after a 5 day trip to see his mum. On the way back, just as we were passing a wide load (with following safety vehicle) the front tyre blew out on the lorry. All I saw, was a big puff of smoke and a huge chunk of tyre heading for the car. I couldn't get out of the way and this huge chunk of rubber hit the bonnet and windscreen of the car. Absolutely terrifying. Somehow the windscreen hadn't blown in, and we were both ok. I pulled over to check for damage, and all that we have, is a small scuff, where the tyre hit the bonnet. The car behind was much worse off. As the tyre blew, it took out the hoses and air compressor (?) and sent all the debris on to the second car. Ed saw it all happen as he was in the passenger side. We were very lucky. It just goes to show you... fate has been kind to us in our middle years!

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