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Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Vet's (again)

Yesterday, we took Max to the vet yet again. Once more, he can't open his mouth very well, and this time, one of his ears was a little inflamed. He has been given some tablets and already seems a lot happier. The funniest part... we were the second patient... as we entered the consultation room, it smelled very strongly of anit-tic and flea lotion. Obviously the previous patient (a spaniel) had been given a spray. As I was chatting to the vet, I spotted a rather unpleasant object - a tic, crawling across the shoulder of her white coat. Yuck. In my poor Spanish, I said, excuse me, and tried to remove it! She had the perfect solution - she simply took a piece of sticking plaster, and removed it with the sticky side, then folded it in half, and popped the plaster in the bin - with the tic safely wrapped up! (I prefer my version - I remove them, then set them on fire, until they pop.) With no apologies to any buddhist readers, until they can convince me of something good about tics.

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