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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Semana Santa - Good Friday (Church)

After the two icons had passed each other in the square, everyone raced around to the church. The only thing I had seen, was that there was going to be a musical souiree by the drums! But, since everyone was going there, we decided to join them! I had evidently missed something! Much to my suprise, we were now greeted by Jesus, risen on his cross being brought up to the church. There was also a fourth icon, bearing (I believe) Mary Magdelen, who stayed with Jesus until his body was taken down. (I will have to check this, and let you know later.) Christ on his cross was taken up the stairs at the back of the church, and a blessing took place outside for everyone. Then the Spanish all started praying, and I realised that this was The Lord's Prayer, in Spanish. (Had I been quicker on the up-take, I would have said it in English, but I only realised near the end.)

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