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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Semana Santa - Holy Week

Well, I have not had a Catholic up-bringing, but I have certainly had a good Christian one. A wonderful children's bible story book, as well as singing in a church choir have given me a good grounding in many things holy - not just christian. Today, however, took me by suprise.

I had been told that there was to be a procession, from the monestary near us, to one of the 2 churches in town. I had seen the photo's from last year, and seen various similar processions on the television, so I knew what to expect - albeit on a much smaller scale of course.

We heard the band a long time before we saw anything (as usual) and then, finally, about an hour late, the procession came into view. In the lead, were people wearing long cloaks and tall pointy hats. The hats, when combined with the cloak render the wearer unrecognisable by either height, width or features, this is because they are meant to be in penitence, pleading forgiveness for their sins. They are not recognised, so that you don't know which of your neighbours have sinned.

Then came the platform, bearing the (an) effigy of Christ on the cross. This is borne by a large number of people, as it is so very heavy. They took several steps to each side and several steps backwards, along with those going forwards. No wonder it took them so long to get to us! It was a very solem procession, flanked by individuals from town, carrying candles. It was very moving and I found it difficult to talk afterwards. Later on tonight (midnight) will be another procession, but this time a silent one.

Whether you are religious or not, an event that brings the whole town together in a peaceful celebration such as this, cannot be a bad thing.

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Takaddus said...

I am not Christian.But I know something about Cristian.Again I knew something from your site.Because my religion is Islam and I live in Bangladesh.So there is no so many scope to know about your religion.So thanks for sharing your experiences and views.