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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Festes - Bull Runs

The annual bull runs take place over 4 days. The bull ring is put together over the previous week or so. A road that I use regularly is closed off, covered with sand, and then stands and safety zones are constructed. One one side, is a permanent seating area. Ed and I however, sat on one of the A-frames, on the opposite side. (Well in amongst the action, but reasonably safe!)

Each day follows the same theme; a firework goes off and then a bull is let into the ring for about 15 minutes. There are 6 bulls each night. The brave / foolish young of l'Olleria show their true colours (mostly by entering the ring only when the bull is going in the opposite direction!)

On the final night, the last bull is tethered in the ring, and flaming torches attached to his horns with special clamps.

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