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Tuesday, 8 June 2010


This year, we have had 6 baby swallows again.

Initially, I thought there were only 4, as the others were hidden deep down in the nest. But, as they grew, I finally saw all of them.

Today, they have flown the nest. At first, only 3 of them went, leaving the others to be fed by the parents. The first ones out were very funny to watch, as they had trouble landing. Normally, they land on the phone cable, but these ones kept landing in the trees. However, it didn't take too lang, and they were soon swooping around, although not as confidently or acrobatically as the parents.

I went to take a photo of the last 3, sitting on the edge of the nest and just as I left, there was a flutter of wings, and they all flew past me. I think, they leant out of the nest to see where I had gone, and then fell out!

No doubt they will now spend the next few weeks being fed by their family, before heading off later in the year.

In spain, it is considered to be good luck, if swallows nest on your property, so we must be doing something right.


Graham and Shirley said...

Graham said that you wouldn't have had any if Bertie had been there!!!! Lovely to see you again - what a busy weekend you've had - back to normality now!!

Lots of love

Graham and Shirley
(Bertie sends his love too!!!)

Brigitte and Eddie Bramley said...

Hi You two! I thought I would be able to get your emailaddress if you posted a comment, but sadly not! If you add another comment, and include just your email adress, I won't publish it (obviously) but will be able to get back to you.xx