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Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Accommpanied by a guitar, many of us read out poems. Several of the classes read them out as a 'team effort' but not all.

We foreigners were encoured to read out poems in our native language, so that the spanish got a chance to hear something very different. A moroccan lady, Zahora, read out a lovely which evidently got quite lively. The guitarist was very inspirational keeping up with her. (Or maybe she just got overwhelmed, and rushed the last bit.) Janice read out a very clever one on how to write numbers, and I read out a poem about summer.

It was an entertaining way to spend a few hours, but I wish we had been given a little more notice, as it would have been nice to translate the poem into Spanish, even if it no longer rhymed.

It was lovely to see even the very shy people reading their poems out, even if they did have to hang onto their teachers to do it. One gentleman read a long poem out, that he had memorised, but unfortunately he got muddled up, and said one verse twice (he even started it a 3rd time) but couldn't remember the last one at all. He was very upset with himself, but I thought he had done extremely well.

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