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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Umm, why...?

On the way home today (on the bike) I overtook a work-truck with some builders in it. I dropped in front of them behind another car, as I was aware that I was just on the speed limit, and they were just under it.

After a short time, they gained on me and came very close to the back of me. I couldn't understand it. Surely they weren't going to try and pass me? Whatever are they doing?!! I looked in my mirrors again, and saw that one of the passengers had a camera, and was taking a photo of me! Surely they didn't want a picture of my (f*t) behind? Then I remembered, I had my 'Shaun the Sheep' rucksack on, and they had obviously never seen anything like it before!

Poor Shaun. He has travelled many miles ~ I wonder if anyone else has done that before!

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