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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Wedding

The weather was wonderful, if not a little too warm. As I arrived, with the bridesmaids, I was met by (son) Tim, looking wonderful in his usher's suit. I almost didn't recognise him.

It was lovely to see all of the people in the church. Many of Tim's family have been christened / married in this church, which is why it was so special to them. The vicar was lovely and the whole service a delight. It was especially nice, that many of the congregation were able to see the register being signed, as this was done in a side knave, rather than in a separate room.

As usual, afterwards, there was the photographer insisting on assorted groups for the photos. His assistant was often in the way (as usual) but was not unpleasant when everyone stood near him for the shots!

Once we got to the reception, we were lucky enpough to have access to a nearby area where we were able to take lots of more relaxed photos. The father of one of the bridesmaids takes many wedding photos and he took lots later on too.

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