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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Cycling Proficiency

On the way home from town last week, I encountered an interesting scenario in the back lanes. As I approached a nasty corner, I saw a car in front of me, going very slowly. Just ahead, were 2 small children on bicycles.

Aha, I thought, Dad has gone on ahead, to make sure that it is safe for the children, how sensible. We all crawled around the corner, and then, as I looked ahead, I could see 2 more small children, but no adults. They rode down the hill, and then cycled along a small level, before turning left, uphill, the way I wanted to go.

Then I realised what what going on! Two mum's were taking their children for a bicycle ride! One was in a car at the front, and then another was in a car at the back. The youngest children could barely ride. A little girl wobbled all over the road, before getting off, as she didn't have the strength or co-ordination to ride uphill. This triggered the mum at the back to beep her horn, so the first mum stopped.

I have never seen anything so dangerous in my life. Although this is a back lane, that section leads to a huge number of other lanes, and there is always a lot of traffic - even more so at the moment, as people are using their 'country houses' during the summer. Loco!

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