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Saturday, 27 November 2010

All Hail the Jamon

Having won a full jamon (pronounced hamon), Victoria and Paco decided to have a party to celebrate. We were invited on the Saturday, at 5:30 - time for tea! I offered to bake a cake, but this seemed to confuse matters. It was then decided to eat at 7pm. Ah - dinner then!

On the saturday afternoon, we got a text, saying dinner was now at 8pm. No problem. I had made a german cheesecake and also an apple crumble pie. Ironically, I had to go and buy a new plate to serve it on, as I only had one large serving plate!

We turned up at 8 as requested, to find that everyone was downstairs in the garage. The garage had been cleared out and a long table set up, covered with food. Lots of plates of jamon, cheese, prawns, olives, pastries, etc. It was wonderful. We spent the entire evening eating and drinking. Many times, when walking past under-builds, we have seen people having private parties, and this time it was our turn!

All of the biker gang were there, along with their wives. Most of them managed to speak castellano for our benefit, although when things got a bit exciting, they often tipped back to valenciano. Still - I'm certainly understanding a lot more of that now, even though I can't speak it. (Although I did accidentally use a valenciano word in castellano classes this week, which made the teacher laugh!)

On the Sunday there were no official meetings that we knew of, and one of the men was working in the fields harvesting olives, so our Sunday breakfast turned out to be the leftovers from Saturday night, in Pacos garage. This was actually very nice as most of the food was still crisp and fresh (if the bread was a little chewwy).

I made a poster, saying that there was a matinal in l'Olleria and gave it to Paco. There is a meeting here today - where - here. He read the poster and was thrilled. He realised that I had used a drawing of his bike for the poster, and put his name on it, along with a fake email address!

Drink of beer on arrival
Gastronomic breakfast
No t-shirts
No raffle

The poster now has pride of place on the notice board!

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