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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Chip, Chop, Chip, Chop

Ed has been busy again!

His poor chainsaw has spent most of the last few weeks in various stages of repair as it doesn't want to run properly any more.

He took it to the Stihl shop in Xativa, as he suspected that it had a faulty oil pump, but the man said it would not be possible to repair it. They thought that if they tried, it might be impossible to get the parts needed to fix it. Ed was disappointed, but understood. He bought a new cutter bar for it anyway.

They were very helpful, but showed him which chainsaw was the current replacement for his model. Around 700€. He told them in the shop, that he had paid about £250 for his. The man was very suprised. Then Ed admitted, that this was 39 years ago! I guess you get what you pay for.

I would still like to have the nisperro tree trimmed, but thankfully Ed thinks the saw will manage that, if he has (yet) another go at fixing it.

One thing is for certain, we won't be buying any more wood this winter.

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