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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Winter Riding

On Saturday, the temperature never got above 10 degrees, and it rained for most of the day. This is actually quite a good thing, as we have had hardly any rain since April and the reservoirs are quite low.

When we went shopping, we happened to meet Paco and gang and all agreed, that if it was still wet or raining on Sunday, then we wouldn't go out. Fine. At 3 am, it was still tipping it down, so time for a Sunday lie in then! Not. at 8:45, Paco called, he had spoken to the others and it was agreed that we would al leave at 9:15. Um, can we leave at 9:30 please?!

Ed and I were quite oblivious as we set off, wondering where we were going this time. We took some very strange back lanes through villages but always skirting the 332. At one point, I laughed and said to Ed that we were going to see the waterfalls at Algar. It was like a treasure hunt, where you have no idea where you will end up. Then, after a while, we saw signs for 'Motos' - aha - the bike meeting at Ondara. We followed the signs, and there was a huge parking area, next to the road, very well organised, with people telling us where to park, and police making sure that everything was safe. There must have been about 600 bikes parked up.

We finally found our way to the stall to buy our tickets and went into the food marquee. There were all sorts of foods, not the usual baguettes. We got our normal t-shirt, and I had a cap in my bag. When Ed looked into his bag (in front of everyone) he found a €50 note! Paco2 cheered the loudest. I said 'keep it quiet', Victoria was shocked, but Julian just grinned - he had seen Ed plant it there just before, when no one else was looking. After a few minutes, the truth came out, and everyone thought it was very funny.

The sun came out in time for us to have a good walk around, but when we got back to l'Olleria, there were a few snow flakes in the air. Time to go home, and settle down in front of the fire again.

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