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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Fonts de l'Algar

On Sunday afternoon we decided to go out and try to find some pretty waterfalls that we had heard about. These were quite near to Benidorm, but we went the scenic way, via Guadalest.

We went into Callosa d'en Sarria and continued along the main road, but couldn't find the waterfalls. After a while, having crossed the river Algar, we went back again and asked at a petrol station. The man was very helpful, giving us very clear directions. (CV-715 then CV-7531) We followed the road to the village and parked up in a small orchard. A man sprang out of a car and demanded 2€ for parking. No problem really. I then asked him where the falls were - just along the road, on the left.

The road was very narrow, and quite unsafe to walk along really as it was not possible to move out of the way of any traffic. Thankfully as it was November, there weren't too may cars around. There were lots of restaurants and the whole thing seemed to be very commercial. We turned left and followed the river, but the road quickly went uphill with lots of twists and turns. We couldn't hear any water and the climb was very steep. When we got about a mile or so along the road, we realised that we were going the wrong way! Ah well, walking downhill again was somewhat easier!

Back into the village and we found a large sign/map that we had missed before. There were 2 Dutch ladies trying to understand it, and between the 4 of us, we realised where we had to go. Across the river, then another trek up another hill, and we quickly encoutered the correct entrance to the waterfalls. Another 2€ each.

The entry fee was actually very reasonable. The falls were quite extensive and there were lots of walkways around and places to sit. At it was outside the summer season, we had the place almost to ourselves. We were able to take lots of super photo's without any problems. In summer, the place must be packed. The pools looked very inviting to swim in and I could certainly imagine spending several hours there, if only it wasn't so far away.

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