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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Ondara Fayre

The Ondara matinal was timed to coincide with the town fayre, although we didn't know that when we got there. The food in the marquee was something of a delight, be we realised why, we we discovered that it was actually a gastranomic fayre, not a bikers bash!

There were some 12 stalls preparing the different types of food. For those not partaking in the bike meeting, it was possible to buy separate tickets to swap for a plate of whatever you fancied. There were the usual offerings, but also oysters, sea urchins, kebabs, all sorts. The food was wonderful. We have not really had any bad food at any of these do's, but this was something else.

Afterwards, we walked around the streets of the town. There was a funfair and also a huge collection of cars. Some of them were very old (20's Al Capone type of things), some of them just old (lots of Seat 500's and minis) and a few were very new (Porche, Lambourghini, Audi R8). Some of them were in a terrible state (befores?) but some of them were really nice to see.

It made me laugh when a big old car pulled out, with mum and dad in the front, and a little girl rattling around in the back (no seat belts in the old cars) as it reminded me of all of the trips we used to do.

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