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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Feeling Fruity

Spring has certainly sprung.

After the early almond blossom, we have now had the nectarine, and plum blossom. This time, my tiny nectarine tree has managed to produce a lot of flowers, compared with the miserable few of the last few years. Hopefully I will actually get at least one piece of fruit good enough to eat!

The wonderful plum tree has done us proud again. Every year, Ed complains that it is dying (it is) but it manages to flower nontheless. Unfortunately, this year, within a short time of the flowers arriving, we have had a lot of rain. I'm not convenced that many of the flowers were pollenated, before they were destroyed by the weather. Already, there are no flowers left, and the leaves have all peeped out, ready to open up. If we are lucky, we will still get a bowlfull (or two).

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