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Sunday, 20 March 2011


There was a matinal (breakfast meeting) in a nearby town, so we took the very scenic route to get there. Instead of 15 miles, we covered about 45. For the return journey, we managed to stretch it to about 20.

This was one of the first meeting of the year, and was a little disorganised, but that is a bit unfair, as there were certainly a lot of prople there. Instead of joining the organised meal, we simply popped into a local bar. We each had a huge baguette, soft drinks and then coffee, all for €5 each! Excellent.

There were bikes parked in every street. We had to park putside the church, which was rather auspicious for a Sunday morning. I should have popped in, and said my thanks, but didn't think it was a good idea really.

Later, the organisers had a route planned around the local area, but we didn't join in, having already had a ride out. Whilst walking around, looking at all of the bikes, I spotted a little girl wearing a crash helmet. She was only about 3 years old. She sat on the bike between her mum and dad, and they took her for a ride around the town. I'm sure they never went above 15 mph, but I was still suprised (and a little relieved too, when they got back)!

There was a real mixture of bikes and people, and the whole town came out to see everyone. It is such a shame that this doesn't happen in England.

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