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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Three Times the Cache (Part 2)

From Pedreguer, we went on to the Jalon Valley.

Although I had the co-ordinates for the second cache, we had to meet someone first. I tried to input the name of the town into the sat nav, but it didn't recognise Jalon. Problem. How strange. After a while, it occurred to me, that maybe it wanted the alternative spelling, of Xalo. Correct. How confusing for towns to have two different names! The beauty of living in the Valencia Communidad.

We found the village, and conducted out buiness quite quickly. We then drove to the cache site, which was very easy, as I had seen the nearest carpark on google streetview! This geocaching lark can be very easy sometimes.

Within a short time, we had cache number 2 of the day, and set off for the third.

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