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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Three Times the Cache (Part 1)

We had to do a business trip a little way from here, so I checked out the Geocache site, and picked out three caches that we could do easily, by car (as opposed to treking up mountains).

The first one was at the Mirador in Pedreguer.

We went down the motorway, and got off at the first toll. Looking across to Pedreguer, I could see the lookout spot, high above the town. This was something I had never seen before, even though we have been to the Sunday markets on many occasions. Funny how this new hobby brings new facets to things.

We followed the sat nav, but it sent us to the other side of the town. How odd. Perhaps the mountain road goes around the back. We drove for several miles in the wrong direction, including going into an urbanisation, before deciding that something was definately wrong. I suggested to Ed, that we ignore the sat nav, and go back to Pedreguer. Meanwhile, I re-programmed, it with a nearby co-ordinate. As Ed was about to turn right (at a T-junction), the sat nav said to go left. Even though I had told Ed to back to the town, I expected him to follow the new routing, although I hadn't mentioned this to him!!

We followed the new directions for all of 2 miles, and then gave up completely. We drove back to Pedreguer with the sat nav turned off, and found a road sign to the Mirador! However, being Spain, there was only 1 roadsign. Thereafter, we had to guess. As we drove away from the town, I was going to give up, when we spotted another sign. This one took up high into the mountain, through tiny streets, right to the very top of the lookout. It was at this point that I realised what had gone wrong. All of my previous co-ordinates had been N38... and W00... but this one was so near to the coast, that it was actually E00 and I had programmed the sat nav wrongly! Oops. Not a mistake to make again!

We soon found the cache, and signed the log. The view was amazing. 360 degrees. Coast, mountains and countryside. Well worth a trip up, whenever passing the town.

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