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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Three Times the Cache (Part 3)

Having completed our business in Jalon, I called a friend living in Albir, to see if they were in, for a coffee. Sly really, as there are 4 caches very near to them!

We met up at a bar, and then went to their flat. They have just moved out to Spain on a permanent basis, but are currently renting. At the moment, they have no intention of buying as renting is so cheap, even when next to the coast. They are both retired now, so don't need a huge house, and their 2 bedroomed flat was lovely and modern, with 2 bathrooms (his and hers) and even a utility room.

We chatted for a while, then I explained about geocaching, as I wanted to find a cache right next to the seafront. They were both intruiged, and happy to go hunting. We knew where to look, so off we went. However, sometimes this geocaching lark is harder than you think! We searched for quite a while and failed miserably. one problem was that there were so many people about, it was hard to search without making things obvious, the other was, that there seemed to be about 50 potential sites for the cache.

They were both keen themselves, so we went back to the flat, and looked on their laptop at the photos other people had taken. This time, Nina knew where they were, so, off we went again, with a proper target in mind. Within just a few minutes, I had the cache. Easy, when you know the right spot. Nina was thrilled to see how it works, and has every intention of finding the other 3 near them now.

Thankfully, when we had returned, it was going dark, and there were very few people about, so we could fill the log in, without everyone knowing what we were doing.

(Roger, Nina and Ed)

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