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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Stash a Cache

Well, after searching for lots of caches, I figured that it was time for me to stash one of my own.

I bought some large containers from the chinese shop (bit like Poundland) and got some goodies to put inside. As well as the obligatory notebook and pen, I included some toys, a biro, playing cards, post-it notes etc. A veritable treasure chest!

The first one I planted very near to home, near the north side of the Tunel d' l'Olleria. Ed and I found a safe place to hide it, then registered it with the Geocaching web site. Next day, it was live, and ready to be found. I told my spanish class about it, and then found out that this is a popular spot for drug dealing! I thought it was a little 'out of the way' - obviously it is! Not being of that persuasion, I had no idea. Still. Our friends Mark and Tracey found it, and one other geocacher has found it too. (I get a message when anyone logs the find.)

The second one I planted was actually an empty plastic vitamin bottle. This one, I hid in a stone wall, near to the reservoir. Although a few miles away, it is a place I like to go to occasionally, so maintaining it is not going to be a chore. Originally, I put a photo of the relevant bit of wall on the site, but Mark said that this made it too easy. Having removed the 'spoiler photo' someone else has already found it, and commented that the co-ordinates are spot on.

I have 2 more to plant, but in this hot weather (which has finally arrived) I don't feel like trekking up any mountains to hide them.

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