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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Biker Weekends

Every weekend for ages, it has rained, so we hadn't been out with the boys for a while. Ironically, as we were heading off to Benidorm for a bike meet with some British people, we met up with the Spanish lads! After a quick chat, we went on our way, but the following weekend, we went out with them.

The meet in Benidorm was in a good loction; just out of town, in a sports campus. However, the organisers were lacking in a few points. 2 portaloos for 1,000 people, and no chairs! Then, when it came to the giant paella, we discovered that only the first 600 peole had tickets for it, so we didn't get any, even after queuing. Not impressed.

The following week, at Oliva, there were about 2,000 bikers. The food area had loads of seats, there were bars open everywhere, so toilets were aplenty. The entertainment was good, and there was lots to see. We didn't go on the rideout to the beach, but took a walk around the Fira (commercial fair) which was very interesting.

I hate to say it, but soon it will be too hot to ride!

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