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Monday, 20 February 2012

Bakewell Pudding

We had a lovely drive out into the Peak District with Jess one day.

We went to Bakewell and in no time at all, Jess and Ed had found a cache! We then went into the Bakewell Pudding shop. It has changed a lot since I went there last! It is now more of a farm shop, selling lots of local goodies. There is also a big window, and you can watch them make the famous puddings.

At the shop, we asked the difference between a pudding and a tart. The girl must get asked this several times a day, but, she gave a wonderful, clear, clever and quite funny reply. Best of all, she delivered it as though it was for the first time that week! Ed bought a tart, I had a pudding and Jess had a tart and pudding to take to work and share. (Want to know the difference? Go to the shop and try them out!)

We had a lovely pub lunch, then drove out into the countryside. Unfortunately, we missed a turning and then spent the next few miles discovering hills and dales we'd never seen before. Suddenly, Jess and I went "I know where we are" just as we got to a junction on the Buxton road! We had gone much further north than we meant to!

On the way home, we encountered very heavy snow. Thankfully, she did have the roof up! The snow didn't last long, but, as we neared Uttoxeter, we discovered that they had had a huge prolonged snowfall, which was very localised. The north-east of Uttoxeter was thick with snow, but there was nothing in the centre! Some oncomming cars were thick with snow, but in town, it was completely clear!

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