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Monday, 20 February 2012

Help 4 Heroes

In November, I bought a Help 4 Heroes geo-coin.

The idea is, that you give the coin a mission, then send it on it's way. The coin has a special code number and you can track where it is and follow it, as it moves around. For this one, I have asked that it find it's way back to Uttoxeter, for Jess to pick up. There are about 70 caches in and around Uttoxeter, so the destination is easy enough!

On New Year's Day, I set it off. A few days later it had been picked up, so it was now a waiting game, until it was dropped off again. This is interesting. Sure enough, it got dropped off and then moved on again. It has now got to Aragon. But, I think it will be there for some time! It is next to a ski lift, but the cache it has been placed in has only had a 3 visits since it was planted in August! With a bit of luck, as the weather warms up, someone else might find it and put it somewhere more active! We shall have to wait and see.

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