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Monday, 20 February 2012

Countryside Caching

When I was in the UK, Jess Tim and I spent an afternoon walking around the outskirts of Uttoxeter on a geocache trail. There is a link of 10 caches, all made into one lovely walk.

Tim was convinced he would get filthy, but I was organised and had a pair of wellies with me. Good job too, as some of the way was very mucky. Jess spotted the first one very quickly - a pine cone hidden in a fruit tree. Very clever. Goodness knows how you are meant to find that when the tree is in leaf though! The next couple were easy enough to find, but I ended up getting mud on my bag. Then I got pricked by some thorns, then I got leaves all over me, as we had to climb onder a fallen tree. Jess thought it was hilarious as I was 'being very girlie'. Tim too, found it funny that he wasn't the one in trouble!

The next cache was missing, but the next few were simple enough to find. I managed to stay out of the mud, but it was a challenge! We then struggled with one of them. Finally, I spotted it, and just burst out laughing. We had been looking in the wrong place, practically wading in the brook, looking under the bridge. I had given up with my bag and passed it to Jess by now!

Tim found the next one, then I nearly fell off a stile whilst climbing over it. It was getting dark now. A quick scrabble and we were getting to the end. This time, I got stuck climbing over a hedge. Tim was killing himself laughing at me. At the next cache, I managed to slip, and landed in his arms. I think I made his day. But, to be fair, I didn't actually fall over, and I did manage to stay clean!

We celebrated out finds with a Big Mac. (I think two per year is ok!)

A couple of days later, we managed to find one in the centre of Stafford too. I had looked for it before, but felt stupid poking around on my own. With a bunch of you, it doesn't look so obvious. Passers-by just think someone must have dropped something and you are looking for it. The wonders of technology make it so easy now - download the App onto your phone and away you go! (Me? I still have to use my GPS - no internet on my mobile!)

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