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Monday, 20 February 2012

Cova Negra

Near Xativa, there is a cave 'Cova Negra' which has signs towards the park it is in all over the place.

Recently, someone has placed a string of geocaches enroute, so this month, we set off to find the caches, as well as the famous cave! The first of the caches were easy enough as we already knew the sites they were at, but the walk to the cave was very nice.

It is possible to park quite near, and then have a lovely walk alongside the river to the cave. There were lots of little caves and scenic view points on the way so it was a really nice day out. Highly recommended to anyone. The Cova Negra itself however, was rather disappointing. The Authorities have put up horrible steel fencing across the front, and left the inside to become overgrown and untidy. Such a shame, as it is a nice big cave. The one near l'Olleria is much nicer.

Walking further along the riverside, you encounter some lovely scenery as well as a very interesting visitors centre. There are picnic tables here, and I'm sure, in the summer, this must be a lovely place to swim and cool off.

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