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Monday, 20 February 2012

Abandoned Villages & caves

On a day out, we recently encountered an abandoned village.

This is somewhere near Pego, and well worth a trip out, if you are in that area. The nearest village to it, is Alcala de la Jovada. Just to the east of the village, is a beautifully preserved snow well, and then, on the other side of the road, the abandoned village. Both places have information boards - including in English!

The village was extremely interesting. Although abandoned some 100 years ago, there was still quite a lot left standing and it was easy to imagine the 17 families still going about their business. While we were there though, a harsh wind came across the plain and bought a snowstorm with it! We quickly scrabbled back to the car, making a note to visit here again, when it is a bit warmer.

On the same road, nearer to the coast, is the Cova del Rull. (Uncle Curly's Cave) Ed and I had been here before, during our honeymoon, and we were looking forward to seeing it again. However, on this day, the Gods were not with us. It was closed from 16th January to 16th February!

We had a nice ride home, before being snowed on again. This time, the snow fell very thickly and it was difficult to see very far. Within no time at all, the valley was white. However, as we got nearer to Muro, it soon cleared and there was no sign of snow in the Val d' Albaida, just thick clouds. The next day however, we realised that the clouds had done their stuff, and the mountains opposite were looking very dramatic in grey and white.

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