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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

All together now

One of the Sundays, instead of going to a matinal, we met up with another bunch of bikers from Canals (very near to us) and we all went off on a ride out.

This was very amusing. They all wanted to go much faster than we normally do, which was fine by me, but not for everyone in our usual group. On this basis, I felt it only fair to stick at the lower pace, but that meant the we split up a few times. As is the case, the lead group simply waited at the junctions for us to catch up, then off we went again. This happened a few times, but then, at one junction, poor Julian had no idea of where to go. I knew we needed to go right, but he was very hesitant. Thankfully, one of the other lads had tagged on to the back of us, and he confirmed which way to go. At the next T junction, there they all were - waiting again!

I must admit, given that we knew where we were going for breakfast, that had chosen an unusual route. Thankfully, it was an area that Ed and I have travelled many times, and, with my in-built map, I would have been ok, if we hadn't seen them again! We wound our way up to the village for breakfast, but it took us two goes to find the street with the right cafe in it. We parked up in the tiny street, bikes on both sides of the road, and strolled in. it was a lovely bar, with stunning views from the back, but they obviously hadn't anticipated 14 people turning up at once! Service was a little slow, and confused (wrong), but we eventually got what we ordered, although the poor girl was teased mercilessly. Thankfully, she took it in good measure.

We all ordered bocadillos of some sort, and there was wine, beer, coke and water for all. The usual nuts and olives were distributed too. Afterwards, we all had coffee or another hot drink. The food was excellent. It's no wonder I can't get into my leathers any more. When Ed went to the bar to pay, the bill had been split between us, and came to just 5 euros each. Excellent.

Off we went again. Really nice ride out, down towards Benidorm, but stopping short, and looping back around towards Guadalest. Once again, the fast group had to wait a cuple of times, but everyone was happy with this. Then, disaster. It was very busy just north of Benidorm and we lost 2 of the group. Up near Guadalest we all stopped at a roundaout and waited for them to catch up. No sign of them. Unfortunately, it was Ed and little Paco that has gone awol. We tried to call them, but, of course, as they were wearing their helmets, they couldn't hear their phones! Finally, after about 20 minutes, they actually arrived at the right roundabout. Very well done to them! Ed said later, that he had seen a bunch of bikes waiting at a roundabout, but Paco had gone straight on, instead of left, where we all were. Ah well - at least no one got lost on their own.

We set off again, but, this time, as we were heading in the general direction of home, once the group split again, we were on our own until we got back. Not a problem, as we all knew the way home (well - I certainly did anyway!).

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