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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Moixent Matinal

Not far from us, there was a matinal, so, naturally, we took the scenic route to get there. This was actually quite confusing, as, to start with, we hopped on the motorway for 1 junction. I assumed we were going straight there, but then we turned off again! I love this. I know where we are going, but I somehow miss something within the Valenciano chat before we set off, and then I have no idea what is going on! Great fun. Every trip is an adventure. It's a bit like a mystery ride, which is quite odd, when you are in control of the vehicle!

We then stopped for breakfast, which confused me completely. So much for the matinal then! As we waited for our order, Ed spied a parrot in a cage next to our table. Paco had obviously seen it before, and lifted the cover and started to whistle to it. Within moments, it was whistling back, and singing beautifully. I'm sure it was singing the 'Valencia' song. Clever thing. It was much more entertaining than the giant TV screen!

Off we went again, along a route we have used many times. This was up towards the modern windmills which I love. I could see them in the distance, but I knew we had to turn off before getting to them. (Who needs a satnav?) Sure enough, we wound our way around the countryside, eventually dropping down to Moixent. We rode into town and then I realised why we had eaten breakfast elsewhere. The town was absolutely packed. Every street in the centre was thronging with bikes. We ended up going the wrong way up a one-way street in order to park! As soon as we could, we moved the bikes and parked them the right way on the street!

There were lots of stalls around and all of the cafes were open, as well as some of the shops. It was so busy, it was actually difficult to walk around. All of the town locals came to see whoch just added to the pleasant atmosphere. It did seem a bit odd though, so see the locals in their Sunday best, straight from church, mingling with bikers in their leathers.

After a very pleasant stroll around, we decided to leave and go back for a coffee. We kitted up and wiggled our way out of town. Then, Paco went straight on, as we all turned left at a roundabout. We pulled over and waited for him, but he didn't re-appear. Eventually, we turned around to try and find him. It was obvious to me, that he had gone home on the motorway, instead of taking the back road, that wind through the valley into the back of Aielo del Malfereit. Finally, Julian agreed, and we scooted off down the motorway too. As we rode into town, there he and Vicoria were, sitting at the cafe, waiting for us!

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